The Health Benefits of Consuming Cannabis

Cannabis is a name used to refer to three distinct plant variations (Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis), all of which have psychoactive properties when ingested or inhaled. When dried, the flowers from these plants form one of the most popular recreational drugs in the world, marijuana. Most folks don’t associate cannabis products with anything more than a recreational drug used for personal use. However, many doctors will prescribe cannabis-infused products to subdue certain medical conditions and symptoms. Marijuana is a neural-based depressant that offers psychedelic qualities, which affect both one’s mind and body. Substances can be addictive and even harmful in some instances, but in many cases, it can also provide positive health effects.


For those concerned about the consumption of cannabis products, or marijuana itself, they should consult their doctor. But here are few added health benefits from cannabis that many people may not know.


Relief of Chronic Pain

Cannabis plants and cannabis products alike, contain a chemical substance known as cannabidiol, or THC. Cannabidiol affects the brain like a depressant, slowing down the user’s reaction speed while also inducing a “high” that can alter how one perceives different stimuli. This substance is also referred to as a cannabinoid. Cannabidiol is just one of over 100 different types of known cannabinoids. Many cannabis products will contain a combination of these chemical compounds, compounds that support pain relief.


Small use of cannabis-related products can significantly benefit those who suffer from chronic nerve pain. This type of chronic nerve pain commonly occurs in the back or locations of the body that have recently undergone some form of surgery. The deeper the tissue that is affected by invasive surgery, the more likely it is there will be nerve damage and nerve pain during the healing process. Cannabis, in some cases, can be a great pain reliever for those who have suffered said nerve damage. The cannabinoids in the drug can also be considered less addictive or dangerous than other prescripted, pain relief medications. Cannabis has also been proven to help users sleep better as a result of reduced pain and discomfort.


May Increase Lung Capacity

This may be a surprise at first. How can smoking a substance through one’s lungs actually increase their lung capacity? A couple of studies show that, at the very least, smoking marijuana provides a substantially lower amount of adverse health effects than smoking a cigarette. Many of the doctors involved wanted to ascribe higher lung capacity to the way in which cannabis users smoked - holding in their breath as opposed to rapid puffs. In either instance, smoking cannabis in reasonable amounts - no more than a few puffs per day, is not very harmful. The amount of danger surrounding the smoking of cannabis is less comparable than that of drinking alcohol.


Can Contribute to Weight Loss

Often, when people smoke, they can get a bad case of the “munchies.” This refers to the desire to eat while one is high. Scientists have discovered that THC, when consumed, actually reverses some of the receptors in the hypothalamus of a user’s brain. This “flip” can cause the neurons that typically indicate a person when they are full to switch and tell them that they are hungry, instead. If one can overcome this desire to eat every time they get high - or reduce the frequency and intensity of which they do get high - then ingesting cannabis can actually lead to weight loss.


Some of the scientific evidence around cannabis suggests that certain cannabinoids affect receptors that manage a person’s insulin. Regulating one’s insulin levels can contribute to a more efficient caloric intake. More evidence would suggest that it is maybe also the demographics of cannabis consumers that contribute to one’s weight loss. As discussed previously, cannabis can provide pain relief from chronic nerve damage, which may grant someone more mobility to exercise or move around. Movement of this kind, in this case, could be responsible.


Other reasoning for cannabis causing weight loss follows a similar train of thought, that other benefits influence one’s activity, which therein reduces a person’s weight. Cannabis has both been proven to, in many cases, improve a person’s sleep. Better sleep and lower stress are factors that are generally associated with leading to more weight, loss because stress eating and insomnia can both lead to weight gain.


May Be Able to Treat Depression

Depression is one of the most common forms of mental illness. The odds are that almost every few people will experience depression-like symptoms at point or another in their life. One of the most debilitating aspects of depression is that there is really no cure. Like most mental conditions, it is almost impossible to rewire a person’s brain to eliminate such an ingrained feature. But, cannabis-related products may be a great way to subdue the condition, in some cases, at least.


In a series of studies in Buffalo, scientists showed that some of the natural endocannabinoids in cannabis plants could contribute to chronic stress reduction. Chronic stress is also one of the major contributing factors when it comes to inciting cases of depression. The logic is that by reducing chronic stress, a marijuana user would be able to combat some of the effects of depression, at least in earlier and less severe stages.


Is Not Just For Adults

If you are an adult looking for cannabis products in Colorado, you are likely going to be getting CBD in Loveland or, more specifically, CBD tinctures in Loveland. However, because this form of cannabis can be altered and controlled, so can the amount of THC in each instance. Lower, less-concentrated levels of THC can create forms of cannabis products designed to treat more sensitive groups. Two groups that are quickly becoming new consumers of cannabis products are children and animals. These children aren’t getting high, but if they suffer from insomnia or chronic pain themselves, cannabis is a less severe alternative to some of the stronger prescription drugs. So, if you’re in Colorado, don’t be surprised if you come across CBD for kids in Loveland or CBD for pets in Loveland.