Amazing customer service!!! Love the products as well. They have an amazing selection. You will not find better customer service anywhere!
Excited to come back!:)

Anna Vieyra

After trying prescription muscle relaxers and other medical procedures to alleviate significant chronic back pain from compressed vertebrae, I went to The CBD Store in Greeley to see if CBD products might help.

Staff members were extremely helpful in recommending Private Reserve Hemp X 900+ Hemp Supplement and Cooling CBD Relief Gel. These products have made a HUGE difference in reducing the severe pain and tightness I experienced daily from my back issues.

I highly recommend The CBD Store for the competence of the their staff and the effectiveness of their products.

Mark Cronquist

Genuinely the most pleasant visit I've ever had to any greeley shop. The owner was extremely nice and very informative. He really made the whole experience pleasant and was able to answer all my questions! My wife has severe Fibromyalgia and suffers from periodic spells of horrible pain. He spoke with such knowledge and experience to treating people with multiple illnesses and disabilities that I felt extremely comfortable buying from him again. With out a doubt the only CBD shop I'd recommend to everyone I know.

Michael DeSantis

Hello all, this store is a must! They have everything. My spouse and I spent quite a bit of time in this store and it was an educational and heart warming experience. Tracy is a wonderful person and a great educator on the products he sells. There are samples of some of the items and they are great. I spent a lot more than I intended but got some stuff for my dogs, some salve for my neck and some hand lotion. Thank you Tracy for such a welcoming experience. Please keep up the warm hearted way you have with people.

Cindy Vosmera

Wow! Thank you Rachel for your excellent customer service! You were so incredibly patient with us and educating us on all the different products! We truly appreciate it. You know your products so well and all the information was very helpful in this process. I was super skeptical in the beginning but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this store specifically for your CBD needs. When you visit, ask for Rachel!

Rosita Bennett

This was the best customer service I have had the owner helped me so much gave me great information about the product and the options that would best fit my needs I will definitely continuing to shop here for all my CBD needs

Aiesha Perez

I love this place is amazing!!! I would highly recommend this place. They are great at asking what you need for yourself and others. They were so nice, inviting. The information they knew about how try and drive you in the right direction to your needs is incredible. When I came in the warm welcome was amazing! If anyone needs to know information about the products they have and affect you and benefits. Everyone employee there is absolutely great. I will always recommend this place for so many needs. Thank you so much for making my day and helping me with my needs ??❤️

Danielle Williams

Rachel took such amazing care of me today! She listened to my story and asked about why I'm interested in CBD. She was able to relate to my personal health and she walked me through each and every product they carry. She even gave me a small sample of butter because I was hesitant on purchasing. I definitely recommend this store! Thank you Rachel!!

Morgan Moisey

I only started about a few weeks ago. So far i feel like it's working. I bought some oil plus some CBD joints. And these guys always take care of me giving me discounts and samples. Everyone is super friendly and informative. I appreciate you guys. Thank you. They will be the only CBD store that gets my business.

Brandon Hurst

The CBD Store is the best! I was there for the first time recently and they have a new loyal customer. The owner of the store is awesome and so knowledgeable. There is a wide selection and reasonable prices. If you want great customer service and fantastic product you need to go to The CBD Store!

Jennifer Cannon

I don't know where to start!!!! This store is the best! My husband actually found it originally and went in to see about product and was given great service and knowledgeable staff, so as he introduced this store to me again great knowledgeable staff also outgoing!

I had the pleasure the other to me the owner Eric he was absolutely wonderful had a great conversation about products his background and also my insight on the products.

If you are looking for CBD please check out the CBD Store you can't go wrong! I will not go to any other place they exactly what I need here and truly enough going in and talking with everyone and having a few laughs!!!

Kami Gunderson

Eric was extremely patient, helpful, And I loved how upbeat and nice he is! He is the reason I'll be back. Plus his knowledge of the product or willingness to figure out more was phenomenal. I got a little of something of everything. Looking forward to trying my products out. The store vibe was excellent. Very calming and clean.

Ashley Pointer

The place was wonderful and very knowledgeable. The lady that was there was all about selling us something just take money, she listened to our questions and concerns. She was able to answer and help my husband very well. He doesn't have knowledge in cbd, but does have alot of pain. In Wyoming u can't use other things, and he has really liked his new set up he got from there. We were very happy to hear that they have flat rate shipping and ship all over the US. The store is a 6 hr drive from us, but it's OK because with the kind and caring service we got we know that we can just call and order whenever we want to. Oh I almost forgot lol... not really, but another wonderful thing we learned is we can get our 13 yr old dog her cbd from here as well. This store really is a one stop shop for cbd I believe. They do carry alot from ur vape that is needed, to the contents ur putting in (in multi levels), gummies, bath bombs, dog cbd...... omg I'm sure that there is so much more I am for getting, but seriously if ur looking for a good cbd store you have found it right here. As well the price range is for everyone as well. Again thanks for helping us out when we stopped by ?

Colomom Booher

I cannot rave about this store enough! 10 out of five stars from me. Raven, general manager, was so unbelievably kind and accommodating. She was extremely knowledgeable not only about all of the products they have in the store but how cannabinoid's work together to produce the most effective pain relief. I will absolutely be returning to the store again and I think you should check it out! Not only is the store cute, clean, and well managed the vibes are absolutely impeccable!

Kaiya Swenson

Two days ago over the weekend I took this new joint with THC they have almost 30% and I got very very panicky and sick I never experience something like that before in the years I been smoking. I check online and find this great store. This place and Kylie I hope I saying her name correctly. I don't want to make a mistake with her name she is very knowledgeable, she knows what she is doing and has saved my night and my mental health . The store is knowledgeable they know what they're doing! and if you have an overdose of THC or a joint that you're taking the first time and has make you sick.. this is the place to come so seek some help you too.

Jean-Paul Marin

I randomly chose this store as my usual place no longer carried what I needed. The staff is very knowledgeable about CBD products: the various methods of taking CBD, the different forms of CBD, and the corresponding uses. The staff is very friendly and will take the time to answer any questions you may have. I did not find the exact type of product I came in to buy; however, Cathy was able to help me find a new product that has been working for me at a great price! I would recommend going here as they seem to put a lot of thought into the quality of the products they carry.


I will 100% continue to shop here! My first experience was excellent. The manager and the associates were all very welcoming and knowledgeable. Technical questions answered along with several directive suggestions. I highly recommend this team!

Stefanie Odonata

Out of all the CBD stores in town this is by far the best. The staff is so nice and helpful. They are very knowledgeable. My go to place!!!!! The atmosphere is so relaxing and the selection is amazing!!!!!! They have tincture, gummies, salves, bath bombs, joints (non psychoactive of course) and an amazing selection of hempz brand lotions. I highly recommend the CBD store.

Katholeen Love it

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